Monday, July 24, 2017

first play of saga in at least a year

Not much to say about the game. They were brawls, as Saga games tend to be. Special welcome to Tim, new to the club and reasonably new to gaming in general I believe. I was winning (possibly?) overall, but in our two quick games he killed my warlord both times. Bit of a bummer then if you're the warlord!

Not much to say about the games themselves. No real tactics stood out, almost. 1 thing, I reminded myself that I don't have any (many) spearmen. For an anglo-saxon army?

The only real tactic played during the game was when Tim lined up his archer levy to try and enfilade my troops as they came around the woods. Which meant he exposed their flank to my troops, so I sent a unit of axe-wielding hearthgard through the woods to hit them in the flank. Otherwise, it was mostly me struggling to remember the rules, and Tim politely waiting as I did so...

Pictures for eye candy purposes, don't think I can remember most of where they belong in the two games. I do like the vignettes of Harold Godwinson taking care of his enemies though!

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